Vote with your Dollars

*Your donation is a “vote” for your favorite charity. The more your charity receives, the more the City of Chico grants to that organization from the $50,000 designated to community organizations. If your designated charity receives 10% of all donations given in the month of August from our list of participants, they receive 10% of the pool of funds for community organizations. Let us know who your favorite charity through your generous donation. 100% of your contribution will go directly to your selected charity with an additional grant from the City.

How to Give

There are two ways to donate to your favorite local charity:

  1. Donate online. Find your elected charity on the Causes page and donate via credit card online.
  2. Write a check. Write your check out to the name of your charity from the list of selected participants and NVCF (i.e., “[Name of charity]/ NVCF”) and send it to:

North Valley Community Foundation
Chico Community Drive
240 Main Street, Suite 260
Chico, CA 95928